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Unravel the enigma with our 'Mysterious Snake Lady' avatar pack. This set presents four variations of a yellow-themed, enigmatic snake lady, each one designed with intricate details. The 512x512px avatars add an air of mystery to your online persona, making it fascinatingly unforgettable.

Unleash the power within with our fiery 'Masked Warrior' avatar pack! This set offers four unique, fierce depictions of a masked female fighter in vibrant shades of red. Each 512x512px image is a bold statement, perfect to command attention on any platform. Your online persona has never been this fearless!

Dive into the extraordinary with our 'Secret Squid Nerd' avatar pack. This brown, dulled theme set features four unique images of a nerdy character harboring a hidden, squid-like secret. The 512x512px avatars perfectly blend the mundane and the fantastic, promising an intriguing addition to your online persona.

Step into the arena with our 'Warrior Lily' avatar pack. This set unveils four unique depictions of a masked, tattooed female warrior, each more captivating than the last. Sized at 512x512px, these avatars will empower your online persona with an unmatched fierceness.

Embrace the apocalypse with our 'Radioactive Zombie' avatar pack. This set includes four distinct, haunting images of a zombie with eerie green undertones, hinting at a radioactive origin. The 512x512px avatars promise a spine-chilling presence in your online interactions.

This is an avatar pack of Mystic Characters. Included are 20 High quality characters each loving crafted from scratch. Please note that this pack does not contain any PSDs, only JPG's for personal use. If you would like to get the pack that includes PNG's and PSD's and allows editing and reselling and commercial use.

Collection of pixel style human avatars that are perfect for social use, business cards, webpage design, mascots and more. Also included is a multi-size smart object+layered PSD that allows for complete customisation.